Electric Bikes, or E-Bikes, popularity continues to increase exponentially, as new technologies, longer lasting batteries, and more reliable products are released every year. It’s not a complete surprise why these bikes have gathered so many fans so quickly. E-Bikes ride like normal bikes, you still get a decent workout if you want to, but these do a lot more than just “cheating” on uphills. E-Bikes allow all fitness level riders to enjoy cycling and is it truly empowering normal people to jump on a bike more often and commute to work, do a cardio fitness session around the park or even keep up with a more seasoned cyclist, like a husband/wife or parent.


The first thing you should learn is what type of e-bikes are available. On the one hand, you have pedelec e-bikes, or pedal assist bikes, that require you to keep pedaling for the motor to engage. On the opposite corner, you have the power on demand e-bikes, which use a throttle and don’t require you to pedal for the motor to engage. Cycling giants like Shimano only produces Pedelec systems, which are super efficient and have an astonishing range.


The second thing you must know is the type of motor for your e-bike. You can choose between a hub motor or crank motor. Hub motor is located on the rear hub of the bike and relies on magnets on the pedals to sense when the rider is pedaling, which will switch the motor on. Crank motor is located on the bottom bracket of the bike and is part of the crankset. These feature torque sensors to gauge how much power you are putting through the pedals and then deliver power to the pedals to help you. Hub motors, once the system feels input from the rider, deploy all available power in an instant, so you get big surges of acceleration when the motor quicks in. Crank motors gauge how much power you’re putting through the pedals and add a variable amount of power to the motor, which means it’s a more gradual delivery of power and is a more familiar feeling to the rider.


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