Flat Bar
Flat Bar

Flat Bar Bikes

Ideal rider. Riders who seek comfort and simplicity while retaining optimum efficiency. Flat Bar road bikes use simple brake levers and shifters for ease of use. The handlebars and head tube are taller to raise you up into a relaxed riding position. Our Flat Bar Road bikes are equipped with high-volume tires, ergonomic grips and saddle to keep the road vibrations separated from the rider. Frames are rigid to keep the weight down and efficiency up. If you are looking for a light, fun and spritely bike that retains some comfort, these bikes will exceed your expectations.

Ideal Terrain. Our Flat Bar Road Bikes are equipped with slick tires and light wheels for optimal speed. They excel on smooth tarmac, bike paths and light gravel. Disc brakes give riders optimal stopping power while retaining excellent control so riders don't lose traction. These bikes are designed to make every commute, cruise along the river and weekend road ride a joy.

Frame Material. Flat Bar road bikes can come with carbon fiber and alloy frames but alloy is more common to keep prices low. Alloy bikes are also more durable and robust so are often more suitable for the abuse of everyday commuting. Higher-end Flat Bar road bikes are usually equipped with carbon forks due to their vibration-dampening properties and lighter weight.

Drivetrain. To mimic their drop bar siblings, Flat Bar Road bikes are often specced with lightweight drive trains. They use close gear ratios to ensure riders can maintain an effective cadence without the need to excessively change gears. The gearing includes an easy gear to ensure riders can climb up the steepest hills. There are also enough gears to provide riders with the opportunity to hit maximum speed with ease.

Wheels. Wheels are often designed to balance lightweight efficiency with strength and durability so riders can sprint away from the lights or climb the mountains without worrying about rough patches of road. The rims are slightly wider than a performance road bike to accommodate bigger tires and enhance their stiffness.

Cockpit. Flat Bar road bikes use a straight handlebar to improve simplicity and comfort. These handlebars use straight brake levers and easy-to-use trigger shifters. Riders are able to brake, shift gears and control their bike without ever moving their hands on the bars.