Design with Graphics

graphics clip art

PicMonkey has 1,000s of design graphics for whatever vibe you’re going for — from playful to social media to office life. And you can tweak them all to perfectly match your vision.

graphics clip art
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Design with vector graphics for business

If you need icons, flowchart elements, or currency symbols, we have ‘em. From accounting to acting, blogging to building—we’ve got your business covered.

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Animated graphics

Liven up your designs with our animated graphics, or you can import and export your own animated GIFs and be the ruler of your creative kingdom.

use animated gifs for ads, email and social media posts
use animated gifs for ads, email and social media posts

Graphical social media stickers

Stickers add a bit of extra sumpin' to social posts. Make them unique by changing the colors or resizing—they’re vector-based, so they won’t lose any definition.

Icons, symbols, and more

PicMonkey has over 6,000 graphics, and we’re adding more all the time. Scroll through and see what you like, or use our search feature to find something specific.

How to use design graphics


Click the Graphics icon.


Click a design graphic, and it will appear in your project.


Mess around — change color, resize, or erase parts.


Click Apply, and your amazing graphic is all set.

More ideas for creating with graphics

eight logo design ideas
Design your logo with graphics

Make a new logo, or refresh your old one. See ideas & a tutorial.

business card on table
Create a custom business card

Our graphics can help you make stand-out, custom business cards.

video screen with graphics
Use graphics on your videos

Hey YouTubers! Let us show you how easy it is to add graphics to your vids.

Use design graphics to create and enhance your images