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Design Facebook templates and sizes

PicMonkey is perfect for designing Facebook covers, posts, and ads. And you can export directly to Facebook from PicMonkey!

Design Facebook templates and sizes

How to use Facebook templates

Choose a Facebook template

First, search for exactly the template you want, or browse by category:

Facebook Ads

Facebook Carousel Ad

Facebook Event Cover

Facebook Page Cover

Facebook Personal Cover

Facebook Post

Facebook Story

Replace images

Next, begin customizing your chosen Facebook template by adding in your own images, or choosing from our stock photo library. You can even use stock videos or your own vids in our templates. Simply click and replace our images with yours.

Add words & graphics

When designing your Facebook image you can choose to keep the graphics already in the template, or choose from thousands of others—everything from abstract shapes to business icons to people—or add your own logo! Enter your own words to replace our text with yours, and experiment with different fonts and text effects if you like.

Export directly to Facebook

Put the finishing touches on your design while knowing that it'll be auto-saved to Hub, our cloud storage system so you can make changes or start new designs based off this one whenever you like. PicMonkey lets you export your image directly to Facebook or Facebook Ads Manager—so easy!

How to make a Facebook cover

1. Open Templates from the left toolbar.

2. Type “Facebook Cover” in the search field.

3. Click a template to preview it in the editor.

4. Customize with your own photos or grab one from our huge stock photo & video library.

5. Change the text, or add any graphics you like.

Make Facebook Covers
A guide to creating covers
A guide to creating covers

We walk you through designing stellar covers, step-by-step, plus design inspo.

Facebook templates and sizes 2020
All the Facebook sizes

There are at least three sizes of Facebook covers and we’ve got ‘em all. See sizes and steps for sharing directly to Facebook.

Make a Facebook Ad in 4 steps

  1. Open a Facebook Ad template in the editor, or start from scratch with a pre-sized blank canvas

  2. Customize your template or blank canvas by adding text and a background color or pattern. 

  3. Choose from our graphics and add to your ad if you like.

  4. When your design is ready to go, export directly to Facebook Ads Manager.

Make Facebook Ads
article cover image depicting a Facebook ad you can make in PicMonkey
3 ideas for fresh Facebook ads

Design ideas for creating your best ads ever. Plus, proper sizing.

Make multiple versions fast
Make multiple versions fast

Use Smart Resize to create versions of your ad for multiple channels. 

Make a Facebook Post in 4 steps

  1. Click “Create New” to open a blank canvas or post template

  2. Swap in stock photos or add your own.

  3. Add text, textures, or graphics and style away.

  4. When finished, share directly to Facebook.

Graphics for Facebook

We have 8,000+ customizable graphics for your designing pleasure. Check out these sets and more:

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